Designing your kitchen

Extra time during the design phase of your kitchen can help to reduce frustration as well as save you time and money.

Tips to help you plan your kitchen

  • Make a list of issues important to you
  • Look & Feel - your designer will need a brief regarding the style you envisage
  • Make a list of appliances you would like to include in which areas
  • Check sizes of new and existing appliances for your kitchen
  • Check sink & taps available as this can impact especially vanities
  • Select a reputable company to design & install your kitchen and built in cupboards

Briefing and design

  • Brief the designer on your ideas and lifestyle requirements. Ensure that they have the most accurate set of plans to work with or are able to measure on site
  • Give the designer as much information as possible regarding the finishes envisages to ensure that the materials selected for your cupboards/ countertops do not clash with other selections i.e. wall/ floor coverings
  • Finalise design and materials and request quotation